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Life Just Isn’t Fair

How many times have you heard this lament, or expressed it yourself?  This was one of the poor-me attitudes that I heard growing-up and adopted, blank-minded myself.  “Why isn’t life fair!”, “Why does this stuff always seem to happen to me?”, “How come…… (fill in the blank)…… this never happens to other people!”, “How come they get all the good stuff!”, “Woe is me.”  I really knew how to throw myself a whopper of a pity party.

Later in life I started figuring out how the Universe works thru Natural Laws.  We’re all familiar with the Natural Law of Gravity.  Gravity doesn’t care if you’re Donald Trump or a pan-handler on the street corner.  If both people step off the top floor of Trump Tower, the result will be the same.  [Yes, if the pan-handler weighs 5 times as much as The Donald, they may land faster.]  But the end result is, gravity treats everyone the same.  As do the other Natural Laws by which the Universe runs.  All of the Laws are based on vibration, since everything in the Universe is vibration, i.e., energy.

My question to myself, ALWAYS, is: How am I spending my energy?

Am I using it to whine and complain?  It’s my right to do so. The result of it will be that my energy will attract from the Universe, more to whine and complain about.  And that experience will be the experience of everyone person who continues to whine and complain – no exceptions – which is completely fair.

I know a few people, who never let a day go by without griping about a dozen things a day – the traffic on the way to work, the way they were treated at the store, the fact they had to wait on hold for the next available attendant, that they couldn’t find their keys, and “to infinity and beyond.” Their lament is always topped off with, “Why does this stuff keep happening to me?” It keeps happening because that’s where their mind-set is – AWFULizing, CATASTROPHizing, BITCHing.  The Universe will meet us where we are.  Where you are today?